Canadian Artist


The natural beauty of  Northern Ontario is my inspiration for my watercolours. The unique panoramas of the Canadian Shield; the crisp winter days, the clear freshwater lakes, the majestic northern pines and the rugged rocky landscapes captivate me.  As a  watercolour artist I pay special attention to detail to capture a fresh realistic composition. I like to work  in layers of transparent watercolour  so I can watch the images come to life. Applying this process to all subjects I paint, whether  a landscape, a still life, a blooming bud in my garden or a rustic barn, my focus is on the detail and emotion each scene or image evokes, working with the warmth of the light and the richly patterned textures.


Recently I have discovered acrylics. They have been calling out to me for a while, but until this past summer of 2016 I have ignored those little voices. Once I squeezed out those vivid,  happy colours and took my brushes to canvas, a new type of artwork exploded from me – loose and full of fun and excitement.  Unlike my watercolours, I try to keep my acrylic artwork void of too much detail, working without  preparatory drawings, just painting intuitively and letting my brush dictate the outcome.  I prefer working with bold colours and explore all subjects as with every canvas I fill, I continue to learn more about this exciting medium.


See the “Shows & Events” tab above for upcoming opportunities to see my work.

4 thoughts on “Canadian Artist

  1. Enjoyed perusing your new website, Diane. Congratulations and thank you for including me in your contacts. Best wishes in your future endeavours!

  2. Congratulations, Diane!
    Your website is both personal and professional. The well-chosen quotations echo your personal philosophy on art and life.
    The joy you feel in the world around you and particularly your love of nature shines through your work. You are an inspiration.


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