A Canadian artist living and working in Petrolia, Ontario I was born and raised in  Nakina, a small town several hours northeast of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Art was always a passion, beginning in early childhood and throughout high school. In 2003, I reacquainted myself with art through watercolour.

As a  self-taught artist,  I have studied with Canadian artists such as Anthony Batten, Jack Reid and Linda Kemp, all members of the Canadian Society of Watercolour Artists. Local artist Floyd Gibson, a fellow painter, friend and mentor, was  instrumental in my early art instruction.

Using  photography to create my artwork, I  usually compose my painting through the lens. The natural world is my main influence as I explore colour, space and texture to suggest both tension and harmony that exist in nature. As I develop my own unique style through experimentation and self-development,  art publications and occasional local art workshops  further expand my skills.

As an active artist in the Sarnia Lambton area, I participate in several local exhibitions, solo shows and juried exhibitions. My artwork is displayed in many homes and businesses around Ontario and abroad. For three years I worked as a visual artist/educator with “Learning through the Arts”, a program initiated by the Royal Conservatory of Music, incorporating drama, music, dance and visual arts to teach the curriculum to elementary school students. This gave me the opportunity to share my love of the arts,  inspiring a future generation of artists and scholars.

My life as an artist has been enhanced by joining various art organizations. Currently, I am a member of the “6 plus 1 Art Group“, “Sarnia Artists’ Workshop“, “The Lawrence House Center for the Arts” and “Gallery in the Grove“. I am a committee member of “The Victoria Hall Art Advisory Commitee”  and  an associate member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC).



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