All images found on my website are available as note cards, including those marked SOLD and NFS (Not for sale).



  • The only reproductions I sell on my website are blank  note cards. (click on above image  for close up)
  • Outside card  dimensions are 5 by 7 inches, with an inkjet image on glossy photo paper. Each card is signed.
  • My art cards are blank cards, complete with white envelope and enclosed  in an archival artist quality “CLEAR ART BAG ©.”
  • The title of the artwork, a small bio, as well as my email address appear on the back of the card.
  • Note cards are $5 CAD each with a minimum order of 5 cards (mix and match  images if you like).
  • An odd size image must be cropped to make a note card.  Contact me for more info and sample image  if interested.

Previously sold artwork, not shown on my website, is  also available as note cards.If  you would like to see more ( for example – barns, flowers, Christmas images, etc ), contact me directly and I can show you some samples.

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